Fixer-upper Fridays: Vintage Window Calendar



Happy Friday! This Friday’s Fixer-upper is courtesy of my super stylish and talented sister, Lindsey. I’m in love with this vintage window calendar! She scored the window inexpensively at a local flea market. Then all she did was draw lines on the back of the window glass using a ruler and a Sharpie, and then added some cute scrapbooking letter stickers. A few cute paper flowers attached to magnets, and voila! The perfect wall organizer for your vintage chic kitchen.

Have a good weekend! Adi


Pirate/Captain Hook Birthday Party


It’s been a few months since my twin boys, Matthew and Jordan, celebrated their 7th birthday, but I still wanted to share the details of the party here. They chose to have a Captain Hook party (it was a miracle that they agreed on a theme!), which I readily agreed to because there is so much you can do for a pirate party!

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Homesteading Tips: Pruning Fruit Trees

photo 4

‘Tis the season for fruit tree pruning! Pruning should be done while the tree is still dormant (before the leaves grow back for spring). My fruit trees are HUGE. Larger than they should be really. We have a small orchard of 3 apple, 3 pear and 2 crabapple trees – all of them terribly overgrown. To promote good fruit growth, pruning will provide the tree with good shape, increase sunlight and remove dead/less productive wood.

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Confessions of a City-turned-farm-girl


If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be jumping into my coveralls each morning to feed the chickens and shovel manure, I would have told them they were crazy.  When I was first married, I was a full-blooded city girl living in Seattle with a new bachelors degree and a fancy job (at least I thought it was fancy) with a company that was the leader in its industry. At the time I felt that I had the whole world at my feet. Pressure-canner, composter and horse manure were simply not a part of my vocabulary. Continue reading