Confessions of a City-turned-farm-girl


If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be jumping into my coveralls each morning to feed the chickens and shovel manure, I would have told them they were crazy.  When I was first married, I was a full-blooded city girl living in Seattle with a new bachelors degree and a fancy job (at least I thought it was fancy) with a company that was the leader in its industry. At the time I felt that I had the whole world at my feet. Pressure-canner, composter and horse manure were simply not a part of my vocabulary. Fast-forward 10 years and I still did not have much of a desire to even manage a garden. In fact, when we bought this place, there was a huge, sunny, beautiful plot of fenced land meant for a garden and my first thought was, “Hm, that was probably once a really nice garden. I can’t wait to dig it up and put in a pool! It’ll be perfect!”

Well, a lot can change in a mere 2 years. I’m kind of crazy about any and all animals. I couldn’t wait to get some chickens and goats (I have yet to buy my goats). In March of last year, Jeremy gave me some baby chicks for my birthday (yes, he thinks I’m a little crazy but he simply does what he’s done for our entire marriage – grin and nod), and in that moment, a farm girl was born. I got the farming itch. Over the following 6 months I cleaned up the old coop, planted a garden, pruned some fruit trees, harvested a garden (such a beautiful harvest!), harvested apples, canned, canned, canned, harvested chicken poop for compost and cared for my beautiful ladies and Mr. Rooster, Roy. I found that I still had the world at my feet – I had simply discovered a new world.

So here I am, staring out at my little farm as I type this post. I believe there are few things that can bring more joy than working God’s good Earth or taking care of His creatures (including His little human creatures, ha. ;-)). Whether you’re a homesteader on a farm of a few acres or an apartment dweller with a simple windowsill herb garden, I hope we can connect as I share my adventures in urban-farming, gardening, home remodeling & crafting, and motherhood.

…oh, and you can’t completely take the city out of the girl (after all, I still live only 2 miles away from the mall). I also adore traveling, sightseeing, museum-hopping, and I love, love, love throwing parties. You’ll see plenty of those things on here too. 😉

Hugs, Adi

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