Pirate/Captain Hook Birthday Party


It’s been a few months since my twin boys, Matthew and Jordan, celebrated their 7th birthday, but I still wanted to share the details of the party here. They chose to have a Captain Hook party (it was a miracle that they agreed on a theme!), which I readily agreed to because there is so much you can do for a pirate party!

The Pirate Cake: You should have heard the elaborate description Matthew gave me for the pirate ship cake he wanted. I looked at tons of pictures of pirate ship cakes online to get some ideas for crafting my ship, after which, I decided that creating a pirate ship cake on my own wasn’t too far out of my league. I don’t think the final product was quite as large as Matt had envisioned (I’m pretty sure he was expecting a 5 foot or so cake!), but if I do say so myself, it turned out downright cool. The cake itself is not homemade (I simply used good ol’ Betty Crocker), but the cake construction was all done by yours truly. I was so proud of myself!


The key is to freeze the cake before icing it. A couple hours in the freezer will work okay but I froze mine overnight. After removing it from the freezer, I simply cut, sculpted and stacked cake until it took the shape of the ship I wanted. I used tootsie rolls and licorice for the railings and cannons, a mini hershey bar for the plank, square pretzels and yellow icing for the windows, gold-wrapped candies for the treasure and whoppers for the cannon balls.

Bday cake

Decorations & Favors: I decided to stick with black, white and red – classic pirate colors. It was fairly simple to design printables using red & white stripes and the classic pirate skull & crossbones. For the centerpieces, I simply laid a big pile of brown sugar for the sand, surrounded by blue construction paper confetti as the water. I used more gold-wrapped candies as the buried treasure, as well as shiny bead necklaces cut up into pieces for the jewels. Cute little homemade paper bag palm trees stuck in the sand were the perfect touch!pirateparty

The food table was simple since we only served pizza and popcorn. It was decorated with a cute “Ahoy Mateys” burlap bunting, a fish net and a few other nautical props. I bought all of the party favors online at Oriental Trading. When each boy arrived he received a hook, sword, bandana and pirate tattoos. We also had goody bags (purchased from Hobby Lobby) filled with pirate’s booty chocolate coins.


Activities: We started off the evening with “How to Talk Like a Pirate” lessons. One of our favorite babysitters eagerly agreed to join our crazy party to teach the crew a little bit about being a pirate. He did an awesome job and it was hilarious watching 15 little boys yell and growl like pirates. After the lesson, all 15 boys wielded swords and ganged up on our poor teenage friend, ha! Boys will be boys! IMG_5160

Little Adam got in on the fun too :-)

Little Adam got in on the fun too 🙂

We also had a relay race where I combined 4 different pirate-themed games. The boys started by pushing each other across “Crocodile Creek” in appliance box pirate ships. Next, they had to be the first to find the Tic-Toc Croc, by diving into a pool filled with plastic balls and searching for the toy crocodile.  Then, the boys raced across the plank (a 4×4 board balanced over two cinder blocks). Finally, relay ended with “Hook the Hook,” a ring toss game using a bunch of plastic hooks attached to a cardboard box. pirateparty

We ended the evening with cake, a treasure chest pinata, and plenty of running around and sword fighting. I honestly don’t think I have witnessed a party as insane as this one! My little buccaneers had such a great time though. Can’t wait to do it again next year!


Hugs, Adi


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