A Letter to My Girls: What I Wish I Would Have Known in High School

I refer to them as “my girls” because they are just that. I think of myself as their leader, protector and friend. Someone who prays for them daily and has their best interests at heart. As a hen gathereth her chickens, I gather my girls under my wing. I practically think of them as my daughters (although admittedly I cringe at that statement because I feel way too young to be their mother). I am the leader of my youth group at church and they are my Young Women.

These girls are in my thoughts daily, and as high school graduation approaches, I find them filling the recesses of my mind more often. I think of how much I will miss those who are moving on to college and greater adventures. I think, with gratitude, of the ones who will be sticking around for a while longer and pray that I can develop with them a relationship of trust and help them to mold themselves into the individuals that God wants them to be. Lately I’ve also pondered advice I would give my girls if given the opportunity, and I began to consider lessons I’ve learned in my life and what I wish I would have known when I was in high school (ok, and some of these points are things that I knew in high school and which helped me be successful and happy during those years). Continue reading

Fixer-upper Fridays: New Paint for an Old House!

It has been a completely crazy couple of weeks – new goats, new baby chicks, put in a garden, painted the house and cared for my 2 year old who came down with a case of pneumonia. Hence, my lack of posting. So much to catch up on! First, we'll start with a Friday Fixer-upper…

My house is cute and yellow!! Our house is nearly 200 years old, and for as far back as I can see in the historical photos we have, it has been white for many years – maybe even since the first time some previous owners painted the original wood. Well, we decided to give this old place a facelift. I present the Before & After…

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