Travelogue: Smoky Mountains – Sugarlands Stables & Ziplining

Day 3 Itinerary:

Horseback riding @ Sugarlands Stables

Lunch & Relax at the cabin (nap time for Adam)

Ziplining with Zipline Family Adventures

Day 3 was packed full of adventure. Highlights of the day were horseback riding and ziplining. We went horseback riding at Sugarlands Stables. The location is very convenient to Gatlinburg (just inside the National Park entrance). Children must be 5 years old to ride so we left little Adam with Grandpa 'Mac'. Matthew and Jordan were so excited to get their very own horse and to control the reigns all by themselves.

Our horses were so well-behaved and sweet. This was one of the most beautiful trail rides I have been on. We chose the 1.5 hour 6-mile trail which meanders along the mountain stream, climbing up and down the mountain.

I would highly recommend riding this trail in late April or early May when the rhododendrons are in full bloom. The trail was completely covered on either side with rhododendron. I can only imagine how gorgeous it is when the flowers have bloomed!

In the afternoon we went ziplining with Zipline Family Adventures. All of the equipment was really nice and the guides were extremely knowledgeable. I felt perfectly safe taking my 7 year-olds. This was the only company I could find that would allow children younger than 8 to participate. Note: they have a 45 pound weight minimum for children. My boys are small and they barely made the cut! The check-in was conveniently located in the middle of town and the Zipline course was only about a 5 minute drive up the mountain.

We had such a blast! Our family had so much fun soaring through the trees on the 9 ziplines. I'm itching to install a Zipline in our backyard!


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