Butt Out: Injuries of Head-butting Kids

I panicked the other day when the boys walked into the barn and yelled out to me, “Mommy, Franklin is bleeding!” I ran into his stall and found this:

This picture was taken after I cleaned him up a little. He looked awful! Being a head wound, there was quite a bit of blood and I was freaked out!

If you have a baby goat and find that he has a similar head wound where he has been disbudded, do not panic. It turns out that this is not an uncommon occurrence. Little kids are constantly climbing, jumping and head-butting. All it takes is head-butting something a little too hard and your little kid can easily scrape off the disbudding scab. To treat the wound, simply spray the area with a little iodine and cover it with some of what we call “purple powder” which helps the wound to clot.

Our little knucklehead probably head-butted the stone wall in his stall too hard. It's been a couple days and his head is now good as new!

Hugs, Adi


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