Fixer-Upper Fridays: Removing Wallpaper

I’m proud to say that my house is now wallpaper-free (well, except for some closets – yes, even the closets were covered with wallpaper!)! If you are house shopping and fall in love with a house that is covered in wallpaper, don’t let it scare you away. Removing wallpaper is a huge pain, but there are some tricks that can make the job easier. When you remove wallpaper from 11 rooms, you kind of become an expert at it. I may not be an expert at farming, but I am an expert at removing wallpaper. Here’s how… Continue reading

Hello, I’m That Crazy Goat Lady

A friend has compared me to the Tiny Toons character, Elmyra Duff. Fellow children of the 90’s, you surely remember her. She is obsessed with cuddly, fluffy animals and pretty much all cute things. While squeezing a furball, she says things like., “I’m gonna hug you and kiss you and love you forever and never use you up!”


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The Learning Curve of Farming and Life

Sometimes I feel like I should rename this blog “Homesteading for Dummies – Written by A Dummy.” I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. Isn’t that how it is with everything in life though? Two days after giving birth to your first baby, they send you home with a 2-sided brochure and tell you “good luck” (however, when you buy a new T.V. you also get a 200-page manual. What’s up with that?). I suppose the life lessons that sink in deeply are those that you learn by experience. There are simply some things that can’t be learned from a Quick Reference Guide. I’m one of those who believes that life isn’t much fun or rewarding unless you’re having new experiences. So we bought this little farm and I dove in head first. My first lesson? How to keep a chicken alive. Continue reading