OH Summer Fun Week 1: Ohio Caverns, Freshwater Farm & Shoup Park

Summer Bucket List

This week we knocked 3 fish off the net and into our bucket!

Day 1

Ohio Caverns

photo 1

Cost: $15 for Adults, $9 for Children 5-12

Time: the tour takes a little less than 1 hour

What to bring: sturdy shoes and jackets – the caves are nice and cool!

The Ohio Caverns are in West Liberty, OH. It took us about 1 hour to drive there from our home just south of Dayton. The largest caves in Ohio, Ohio Caverns has more than 2 miles of passageways and is home to many unique cave formations. It’s especially nice to visit on a hot, humid summer day because the caves remain a cool 54 degrees year-round. They offer 2 different tours, Natural Wonder and Historic Tour. We did the Natural Wonder tour. The cave was beautiful and our tour guide was fantastic. She worked especially well with my kids and was super patient with their endless questions. 🙂 I must say that it was a bit of a challenge to have my 2 year-old there though. Skin oils are harmful to caves so you can’t touch anything. Try telling that to a squirmy toddler. I ended up carrying him the whole time so he wouldn’t touch anything or slip on the wet ground. He got quite heavy after the hour long hike.

photo 2

Overall, the tour through the Ohio Caverns was fantastic and I’m sure we’ll return. Additionally, there is a cute little place where kids can mine for gems and arrowheads. A small bag of sand for mining cost $5 and my boys each found at least 5 or 6 arrowheads. We’ve done this activity before at other places and I would say that $5 is a bargain. The boys LOVED it.

photo 3 photo 4

Freshwater Fish Farms of Ohio

photo 2 photo 3 photo 1

We drove through Urbana on the way back to Dayton. On the north side of Urbana is Freshwater Fish Farms of Ohio. In my opinion, this place is not worth the 1 hour drive from Dayton, but if you find yourself near Urbana then it’s a great place to stop for a quick side trip. At the fish farm you can visit the Sturgeon petting zoo (you can touch some GIANT sturgeon) and view a room full of other fish and reptiles. They even have an alligator! If you call ahead then you can arrange a tour of the facility and they’ll show you the workings of the farm. Don’t forget to stop by the store on the way out to buy a few trout filets – fresh from their farm!

Another Tip: On the way out of Urbana you’ll pass by the Urbana Airport. I recommend stopping here for lunch or dinner. I don’t think they’ve changed the prices on their menu in 20 years – you can get a full lunch for $5-$8 – and they have the BEST pie on the planet! Restaurant is closed on Mondays.

Day 2

Shoup Park

In Beavercreek, OH there is a park called Shoup Park. The playground is large with tons of slides. However, the unique feature of this park is the giant slide they have built into a hill. We like to take a roll of wax paper with us to help us slide down super fast. Tip: In the summertime you should visit this park in the morning or very late afternoon. The slide is metal and gets too hot to slide on by the middle of the day.

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