The Story of a Little Heart (Part 3)

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My Dear Adam,

The best day ever. I held your tiny body in my arms for the first time since you were born three weeks ago. For the second time, I snuggled you. For the second time, I smelled your sweet hair. For the second time, I relished the softness of your baby skin against my face. I’m engraving this moment in my heart forever so I can close my eyes and return to it again and again. I haven’t felt so much peace and warmth and love in so long. I love you, my dear sweetheart.


Your brothers came and they got to hold you too. So proud to be big brothers.






Love, Mommy


Dear Adam,

I love the tranquil evenings at the hospital. The spirit is so strong in your quiet room. I love to just sit and rock you while I listen to the hum of the machines and feel the presences of angels surrounding us. It has been such a long month and holding you in this quiet, peaceful room is to breathe a sweet sigh of relief.


Love, Mommy


Hi Little Sweetie,

You got your IV out today and you LOVE having your hands free! Haha. You keep moving your wrist and staring at your little hand. Aunt Sissy and Uncle JT came to visit you and they got to hold you for the first time. You slept through most it. You sure are cute when you sleep though because you grin the whole time. Can’t get enough of you!



Love, Mommy


Dear Adam,

Today was pretty crummy. You were born with two hernias and they had to be removed before you could go home. Today was the day. The crummy part was that you were scheduled for surgery at 12:30pm and the doctors didn’t bring you back to the operating room until 3:30pm! Thankfully, I had your grandma here to help hold you. You were so, so hungry from fasting for surgery and you were completely inconsolable. Grandma and I took turns holding you while you cried. I’m so glad to have this day over with. On the bright side, your surgery went well and you’ll be able to go home in a few days.


Love, Mommy


Hi Baby,

Oh my! Today was not fun! You’re not quite taking a full bottle yet so I had to learn how to put an NG-tube in you in preparation for your homecoming tomorrow. The nurse came in, showed me how to yank the tube out through your nose and then I had to put it back in on my own. Yuk! You obviously do not like this AT ALL (who would?) and I hate doing it to you. I’m praying that you drink enough tomorrow so we can get rid of the NG-tube all together before we take you home. You only have to drink a couple more cc’s! I keep telling the nurse that I know you and I know you can do it. 🙂

I’m so anxious to bring you home! I look back over the last several months and recognize how much I have grown. It has been a trying period, but one that I wouldn’t trade. I feel so close to our little family and so close to my Father in Heaven. Adam, we are so blessed.

Love, Mommy


Dearest Adam,

July 15th was the day! We got to bring our little miracle baby home and our hearts are full of joy and gratitude. You cried and cried when Daddy put you in your carseat. I guess you didn’t want to leave your warm hospital bed. You looked so teeny sitting in that carseat! When we got home, Grandpa was there to greet you and he got to hold you for the first time. We introduced you to the farm as well. I don’t think Eddie really noticed you but Sam couldn’t stay away from you. He is your guardian now. 🙂





The past few days have been a little rough. You have cried a lot. I imagine it’s probably all of the chaos. You’ve spent the last 5 weeks in a tranquil hospital room and now you’ve been forced into a chaotic world filled with the whoops, squeals and general craziness of two 5 year-old boys, in addition to two barking dogs and an ever-squawking parrot. I’m sorry, little guy. You’ll become accustomed to it though and, soon enough, you’ll fill our home with your own noises. Love you.


Feeling blessed.

Love, Mommy

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