This Week’s Harvest: Sweet Peppers


I’m growing peppers bigger than my fist! And, they are still going strong – I’ve been harvesting a bucket of peppers every week. I have frozen most of them to make canned salsa later, but I have used quite a few fresh. Here is my new favorite recipe using green peppers (or red, yellow, whatever)…I give you the most amazing stuffed peppers you’ll ever eat, hands-down…

Chef John’s Stuffed Peppers


(I love that Chef John cross-sections the peppers rather than stuffing them from the top.)

A big key to cooking yummy stuffed peppers: soak the peppers in hot salt water first! Fill a large pot with water, add 3 TBSP salt (or however much you need to saturate the water with salt), heat until just before the water boils and throw the peppers in for 3 minutes or so. This trick will add some flavor to the peppers themselves for a knockout taste. Otherwise, your peppers serve as simply a bland pepper-bowl that holds stuffing.


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