But a Spring Chick Party – Annabelle’s First Birthday

Happy Birthday, Sweet Annabelle Ruth! I threw a pink and yellow Baby Chick party for our little spring chick.img_3735

My favorite decorations were the bunting banners and the photo decorations. If you can use a sewing machine, fabric bunting is an easy way to add fun color to a party.

Years ago I found an old window framed around chicken wire and I use it every so often to display pictures and such. Old things can make the best décor. 🙂 For the12-month photo banner, I just teared strips of fabric, knotted them to a length of jute and clothes-pinned a picture of Annabelle for each month. img_3730


Annabelle’s baby friends were invited to attend. ❤img_3611

(being chauffeured around like a true princess :-))


She was not so sure about the cake. “Wait a second…what is this?…are they trying to poison me or something?… I know I throw the occasional fit, but I can’t be that hard to live with…here, Adam, you try it first…”img_3832img_3833

Oh my, that face. ❤


These 4 make me swoon.img_3693

A fun 1st birthday party. I was so excited to finally throw a party for a little girl! 🙂img_3717



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