To Plant a Garden Is To Believe in Tomorrow

(Title quote by Audrey Hepburn) Yesterday I was making dinner when one of my 10 year-olds walked in and sighed, “I really can wait until garden season. It’s so hard and boring!” I exclaimed to him, “I’m so happy to hear you say that because guess what we’re doing for family night?!… We’re going to clean up the garden! Yay!” (Cue groans, moans and complaints from both 10 year-old sons.) Yes, raising a garden is a ton of work. No, the work is not always fun, but it is super rewarding. Do not do all of the work yourself – invite your children to help. Give them responsibility. Show your kids that working together as a family is fun. Yes, they will whine. No, they will usually not find the work fun. And, no, they will probably not recognize the rewards of the hard work. At first. But when they are 18 and (hopefully) leaving your house, they will know how to work like grown men and women (even if they still whine about it a little). Strengthening the bonds of family and helping your children learn to be more self-sufficient so they eventually leave your house – what better rewards are there than that?! Grow a garden!

Round 1 of garden prep done! We did not plant a garden last year and for months I used the garden as my goat pen while we built a new barn. Since goats are messy and can be completely destructive, suffice it to say that we have a ton of work to do this year in the area of garden prep. Yesterday we hauled out piles of sticks and branches (which I had fed to my Goats last year), began repair of the brick walkway and completed the first run of tilling. 

Juniper and Bonita, our goat kids, also had a blast “helping.” 

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