Today’s Harvest: Zucchini

I’m harvesting a ton of zucchini from my garden lately. We’ve made grilled zucchini, fried zucchini and plenty of zucchini bread. Right now I have a batch of zucchini relish simmering on the stove (yes! You can make relish with zucchini instead of cucumbers – my husband says it’s the best). With so much zucchini, I’ve been trying to get creative here, and recently came across a recipe for stuffed zucchini boats. I served them for dinner the other night and they were so good! Even my pickiest eater ate them. Here is the recipe for Stuffed Zucchini Boats.  Enjoy!


Feeling the Love – And Feeling Good, Even When Life is Tough

Life is just a bowl of cherries, right??img_5084

But what about when it’s not? Can there be positivity in the midst of sorrow? Optimism and hope while overwhelmed with stress?? Yes, it CAN happen! I’m still participating in The Full Measure Experiment. I have yet to write about the second assignment, but the results of my third assignment are so cool that I just had to share… Continue reading

My “Why” – To Celebrate Life

*Lots of inspiration and deep-thinking for the next 6 weeks!*

I want to change the world! If not the whole world, perhaps at least my own little sphere of influence. I’m taking an online course from The Full Measure through It will be exciting to learn more about myself and “to learn how to engage in a wholehearted life,” which is the objective of the class. Our first assignment was to identify our “why” – our purpose, cause or belief that is going to change the world. It was tough to choose the “why” that I want to focus on because there are more than a couple of “why’s” that define why I live my life the way I do. I decided on something that I am passionate about. It helps to shape who I am and is something I want to share with others. So what is my “why”?…laughtogether(photo credit: Lindsay Nicole Photography) Continue reading