Feeling the Love – And Feeling Good, Even When Life is Tough

Life is just a bowl of cherries, right??img_5084

But what about when it’s not? Can there be positivity in the midst of sorrow? Optimism and hope while overwhelmed with stress?? Yes, it CAN happen! I’m still participating in The Full Measure Experiment. I have yet to write about the second assignment, but the results of my third assignment are so cool that I just had to share… Continue reading

Fixer-Upper Fridays: Removing Wallpaper

I’m proud to say that my house is now wallpaper-free (well, except for some closets – yes, even the closets were covered with wallpaper!)! If you are house shopping and fall in love with a house that is covered in wallpaper, don’t let it scare you away. Removing wallpaper is a huge pain, but there are some tricks that can make the job easier. When you remove wallpaper from 11 rooms, you kind of become an expert at it. I may not be an expert at farming, but I am an expert at removing wallpaper. Here’s how… Continue reading

Fixer-upper Fridays: Vintage Window Calendar



Happy Friday! This Friday’s Fixer-upper is courtesy of my super stylish and talented sister, Lindsey. I’m in love with this vintage window calendar! She scored the window inexpensively at a local flea market. Then all she did was draw lines on the back of the window glass using a ruler and a Sharpie, and then added some cute scrapbooking letter stickers. A few cute paper flowers attached to magnets, and voila! The perfect wall organizer for your vintage chic kitchen.

Have a good weekend! Adi