Fixer-Upper Fridays: Removing Wallpaper

I’m proud to say that my house is now wallpaper-free (well, except for some closets – yes, even the closets were covered¬†with wallpaper!)! If you are house shopping and fall in love with a house that is covered in wallpaper, don’t let it scare you away. Removing wallpaper is a huge pain, but there are some tricks that can make the job easier. When you remove wallpaper from 11 rooms, you kind of become an expert at it. I may not be an expert at farming, but I am an expert at removing wallpaper. Here’s how… Continue reading

Fixer-upper Fridays: Vintage Window Calendar



Happy Friday! This Friday’s Fixer-upper is courtesy of my super stylish and talented sister, Lindsey. I’m in love with this vintage window calendar! She scored the window inexpensively at a local flea market. Then all she did was draw lines on the back of the window glass using a ruler and a Sharpie, and then added some cute scrapbooking letter stickers. A few cute paper flowers attached to magnets, and voila! The perfect wall organizer for your vintage chic kitchen.

Have a good weekend! Adi